Our conveyancing department consists of four qualified conveyancers and eleven experienced conveyancing secretaries, all, with the exception of two, having received their in-house training with Fisher, Quarmby & Pfeifer. Without limiting the generality thereof we truly offer a specialised service in all aspects of Conveyancing.  Our Partners, Conveyancers and all para-legal secretaries have extensive knowledge of transfers and bonds. We furthermore specialise in:

Our Jens Roland is currently serving on the on the ad hoc committee for Security of Titles and the Law Society’s Committee for Property Law and Notarial Practice.

Our Caitlin Quinn is currently serving on the on the Law Society’s Property Law and Notarial Practice Committee, Commercial Law Committee and the Legal Education and Professional Development Committee.

Our office is familiar with the Rehoboth Deeds Office documentation and the requirements of the South African Deeds Office Registries.  We are well versed in the authentication procedures to be followed for documentation to be used in foreign countries.

We have experienced conveyancing staff in our firm, three of whom each have more than 25 years’ experience in the conveyancing field.

Our conveyancing department is fully versed and receives regular training in the Legal Perfect and Law software systems making us fully compatible with FNB’s systems and procedures.

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Adrie van der Merwe


B.Juris (University of Pretoria,) LLB (University of South Africa)

Caitlin Quinn


LLB (University of South Africa)

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